Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous


Do you know your Australovenator from your Amargasaurus, your Spinosaurus from your Styracosaurus? Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous gives you a chance to experience life on earth 145 million years ago.

Featuring more than 20 animated, life-size dinosaur models, including the fearsome T-Rex, and Queensland’s very own Muttaburrasaurus, Dinosaur Discovery: Lost Creatures of the Cretaceous will transport you back millions of years to when dinosaurs ruled the earth.

Get up close with these titans of the Cretaceous and see first-hand how they moved, roared, gnashed and bellowed.  

Each dinosaur has been made to scientific specifications to capture the real look, feel, sound and movement of these magnificent creatures, giving you a close up look at some of the most extraordinary creatures to have ever walked the earth.

We encourage photography inside the exhibition space, share your visit by tagging #dinodisco and #qldmuseum.

Adults $15
Concession $13.50
Children (3 - 15 years) $12
Family (2 adults + 4 children) $45

Includes entry to Sciencentre
Adults $22
Concession $20
Children (3 - 15 years) $18
Family (2 adults + 4 children) $65 


Get unlimited entry to Dinosaur Discovery with My Museum membership 
All you need to do is purchase a Dinosaur Discovery individual ticket ($10) or family ticket ($40) to the exhibition and we will convert your membership to unlimited entry during Dinosaur Discovery.

Your membership will be upgraded when you visit the exhibition for the first time and present your ticket and membership card at the exhibition entry. Unlimited entry is only valid for Dinosaur Discovery during the 21 June – 9 October 2016 season. This offer only applies when you purchase an exhibition ticket that matches your membership type (e.g. if you have a family membership, you need to purchase a Dinosaur Discovery family ticket). Excludes special events including After Dark and A Night at the Museum. 


AFTER DARK (18+ only)
Friday nights, 8 July & 7 October 2016
A prehistoric playground for adults to explore the Museum after dark
After Dark fills every nook of the iconic Museum with pop-up bars, performances, live music, artists, interactive workshops, expert talks and demonstrations. Wander freely amongst the dinosaurs, artefacts and taxidermy and come face to face with the darker side of the museum.


A NIGHT AT THE MUSEUM: (Suitable for all ages)
Friday nights, 24 June & 30 September 2016  

A special night time adventure for our smallest visitors. Discover what happens at night when the Museum closes and see the dinosaurs before they go to bed. Dance along with Jurassic Joe, see demonstrations, amazing objects, performances, hands-on activities and more.


SOUND DOWN, LIGHTS UP SESSION (Suitable for all ages)
Tuesday 30 August 2016 
(normal exhibition ticket charges apply)  
We're excited to present a special opportunity for families and children who may enjoy their dinosaurs with a little less 'roar'.

On Tuesday 30 August, Queensland Museum presents an hour of modified exhibition viewing from 9.30am. Our noisiest dinosaurs will move quietly and lights will be up to show you their amazing shapes, colours and sizes. Families of children with sensitivities, young learners or even dinosaur fans with younger siblings may wish to take advantage of this quieter exhibition experience.   

9.30am - 10.30am 
Shhhh - Our 20+ dinosaurs will keep quiet as you walk among them.
We recommend entering no later than 10.15am for this experience. Touch screens will still make sounds when activated. 

10.30am - 11.30am
The exhibition will temporarily close for reset. 
Visitors affected by the closure may re-enter at 11.30am with a valid ticket. 

Exhibition re-opens.
The dinosaurs will resume their growls, grumbles roars and squeaks with dramatic lighting

Download the Dinosaur Discovery app and bring the dinosaurs to life

Download the Dinosaur Discovery App via iTunes or Google play before your visit and bring your own herd of dinosaurs to life.


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Event Details

21 June 2016 - 09 October 2016
Level 3 Touring Exhibition Gallery

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