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Keen on drones and new technologies? The Queensland Museum and Inspiring Australia are running a series of Drones workshops for students and teacher professional development later this year.

Current Programs

12 May 2017

Creative Lab returns in 2017!

Collaborate and learn from industry professionals within the unique learning environment of a museum!
Our Creative Lab program offers diverse, interactive sessions aimed at exploring innovative resources and strategies to apply within the classroom while broadening personal understanding and capability in STEM teaching.
Claim this date for an inspiring chance to explore, experiment and network.

Past Programs

Hadron Collider exhibition - Free Exhibition Preview for Teachers
Free Preview offer expired Feb 10, 2017 - but the exhibition is still open to visiting schools and groups.

Visit Hadron Collider from the Science Museum, London. Exhibition runs Dec 9, 2016 to April 25, 2017.

Creative Lab
2016 - Professional Development for Educators

In October 2016, the Creative Lab series returned with a new program of empowering teachers and students in STEM Education.
Our informative, interactive sessions

  • showcased projects and practices of STEM Industry Professionals
  • invited teachers behind the scenes, taking an immersive view of the role of the Museum
  • collaborated with University of Queensland School of Education to examine influences between neuroscience and learning

Creative Lab 2015 STEM to STEAM - 21st Century Learning - Professional Development for Educators

In May and October 2015, we held our first of these professional development sessions. Over 100 Educators were animating, balancing, building, evaluating, creating and thinking outside of the square and across the curriculum!

Read what teachers say about Creative lab:

  • Creative Lab STEM to STEAM: 21st Century Learning - May 2015
  • Creative Lab 21st Century Learning - Oct 2015
  • Creative Lab 2016 21st Century Learning - Oct 2016

    Access information on other past teacher programs, including exhibition previews, object based learning and museum resources for teachers. Visit Resources to download teacher notes, student notes, activity sheets and more.

    Teacher program topics have included:

    • Discover more - Rescue teacher program 5 August 2015
    • Discover more - Humanoid Discovery Teacher Program
    • Discover more - Afghanistan: Hidden Treasures from the National Museum, Kabul
    • Discover more - Mummy: Secrets of the Tomb
    • Discover more - Whodunit?
    • Discover more - Megawatt
    • Discover more - Energy and Change

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