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Some of these resources are specific to your museum visit experience. Please be aware that exhibition content may change and some elements of these resources may not apply at the time of your visit. If possible, we recommend a preliminary visit for School or Group visit co-ordinators, to inform your planning.

Resource List

  • Winton TrackwayWinton Dinosaur Trackway (472 KB) pdf document iconFact Sheet
    Lark Quarry Environmental Park, about 113 km south-west of Winton in Western Queensland, is the scene of one of the world's most remarkable scientific detective stories.
  • WormsWorms (426 KB) pdf document iconFact Sheet
    Worms are not all the same! There are about 23 major groups of animals (phyla) which people refer to as 'worms'.
  • Yun-Gun (Dugong): As told by Aunty Margaret2 of 11 Listen to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander stories relating to Queensland specimens. These stories are about: the turtle, dugong, triggerfish, mussel shell, boobook owl, dolphin, swamp reeds, djan’djaries, welcome songs, missions, and shadowboxes.
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