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Mouse or marsupial?

A dunnart is dunnot a mouse

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  • What’s with this worm?

    April 2018

    Is this the scourge of the Wet Tropics, the introduced Brazilian earthworm Pontoscolex corerthrurus?

  • Dog whelks - vultures of the snail world

    March 2018

    Can you please identify this small marine snail that I spotted while photographing soldier crabs on the flats at Brighton. It was in a shallow pool near a little hermit crab.

  • Fast food for a hungry snake

    February 2018

    A chance encounter between two reptile predators was a stroke of luck for one but ended vary badly for the other. It is indeed fortunate that this rarely seen spectacle was actually filmed.

    With their slender bodies and large eyes, Lesser Black Whip Snakes are extremely swift, keen-eyed predators. Burton’s Snake-lizards prefer to catch their prey by ambush. When the two met, the larger and more powerful whip snake made an easy meal of the legless lizard.

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