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Great balls of magma

Rare rock discovered in central Queensland

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  • Dreams of nationhood uncovered

    July 2017

    I found this badge while metal detecting on an old military site in SE Queensland but cannot find any information on it.

    Front of the buckle. Photo courtesy of Richard Danny Oostenbrink

    Reverse of the buckle. Photo courtesy of Richard Danny Oostenbrink


  • A maggot’s tale

    June 2017

    We found these strange-looking worms in a bucket of water where we were soaking palm fruits at our plant nursery. What are they and how did they get there?

    Rat-tailed maggot of the Green Hoverfly (Austalis copiosa) seeking place to pupate.
    Video courtesy of Colleen Foelz.

  • Why the long face?

    May 2017

    This unusual weevil was sent to the museum for identification. There are tens of thousands of different kinds, but fortunately this is one of the more distinctive species.

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